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Myths, Facts, and Lies About Prodigies - A Historiography of William James Sidis

Myths, Facts, and Lies About Prodigies
A Historiography of William James Sidis

Larry Neal Gowdy - history - author's website

The popular beliefs about prodigies were created by authors who purposefully invented false stories to be sold through newspapers, magazines, and books. For over one-hundred years the William Sidis story is perhaps the best example of how the public has been told information that is simply not true.

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A Revolutionary Kind of Science by Adam Kisby

A Revolutionary Kind of Science
Adam Kisby - philosophy/science - author's website

The author, a member of the Omega Society and the Society for Scientific Exploration, proposes modified principles on which to base a new kind of scientific method that properly accommodates anomalous phenomena.

"[An] interesting, worthwhile, much needed discussion." - Henry Bauer, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Science Studies at Virginia Tech., Author of Science or Pseudoscience: Magnetic Healing, Psychic Phenomena, and Other Heterodoxies

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Beyond Prodigies book by Larry Neal Gowdy

Beyond Prodigies - The New Science of Intelligence
The Origins of Conscious Reasoning in Migration and Precocity

Larry Neal Gowdy - psychology - author's website

Included is data from the SesquIQ high IQ society's SQ research project that distinguishes cognitive differences among humans. One of the byproducts of the SQ project is an improved method of researching the unanswered questions of cognition, analyses, and sensory perceptions associated with migration and the sense of location.

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Clothing Alterations Book by Darlene Strader

Alterations - The Professional Guide for Altering Men's and Women's Clothing
Darlene Strader - professional

For clothing alterations professionals as well as anyone with sewing experience who wants to learn how to make every garment "tailor fitted." Recently updated for 2013.

Comb-bound paperback
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Reality book by Larry Neal Gowdy

Reality - Understanding the Universe, the Paranormal, and Our Human Role
Larry Neal Gowdy - science/technical - author's website

Mobipocket's Science/Technology #1 Best Seller for over two years.

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Spiritually Connected Ebook by Larry Neal Gowdy

Spiritually Connected
Larry Neal Gowdy - paranormal - author's website

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Christian Logics by Larry Neal Gowdy

Christian Logics - Discussing the Prophesied Tribulation Versus the Secret Rapture Theory
Larry Neal Gowdy - religion - author's website

Originally written as a lengthy topical commentary, this edition omits the fluff without losing its value as a serious reference book.

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Adawehi book cover by Larry Neal Gowdy

Larry Neal Gowdy - novel - author's website

Adawe'hi is Cherokee for "wise man, sage, or angel." Neal Hayes is a retired covert government agent/sniper (code named "Adawehi") pulled into modern civil unrest. Mixing survivalism with big guns, a pretty girl, and shaman perception, Adawehi is fun reading for action enthusiasts. Based on actual events.

'D' "When I got finished reading it I wanted to read the next one! ...kept my interest all the way through it... good story for both men and women... hurry up and finish the second book!"
'W' "...couldn't put it down, read it all in one night ...I wanted to read the next one!"
'K' "...thought it was a short story... Once started...could not put it down. ...wants more."
'H' "The bottom line is you have a very good book and a good story."
'G' "...my assistant read your work first, and then insisted that I read it too....material is unique ...sense of timing is well-above average..."

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Living Universe Book by Imre von Soos

Living Universe
Imre Soos - science

Mind Over Matter series, volume 1 of 3. Beginning with the natural order of the Universe, Living Universe methodically enters the topics of energy and matter, space time, micro-macro cosmic development, parallel universes, time structuring, species evolution, plus numerous other subjects relating to the evolution of our Universe.

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Psycho-Physical Reality book cover by Imre von Soos

Psycho-Physical Reality
Imre Soos - science

Mind Over Matter series, volume 2 of 3. Presented in this second volume is the Chaos to Cosmos, natural supernatural perception, sensory ESP, psychic senses, energies, expanded consciousness, mind-body interaction, astral projection, plus numerous other subjects relating to the evolution of our Universe.

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Nascetur Homo Planetaris book cover by Imre von Soos

Nascetur Homo Planetaris
Imre Soos - science

Mind Over Matter series, volume 3 of 3. The old man is fading, while the new man approaches. Beginning with the evolutionary dead-end of the modern human species, Nascetur Homo Planetaris progresses through the troubles facing humans today, explaining how humanity must evolve or become extinct.

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Against the Current book cover by Imre von Soos

Against the Current
Imre Soos - biography

The philosophy and logical opinions as told through the author's own personal experiences spanning World War II, the travels to several continents, and the intellectual heritage shared throughout the book. As history fades into forgotten faces, the author's first-person experiences will forever stand as testimony.

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Ethics, Morals, Virtue, Quality book by Larry Neal Gowdy

Logics Origin of Ethics, Morals, Virtue, and Quality
Larry Neal Gowdy - philosophy - author's website

"...really excellent, to which still added, that they are quasi unique in their clarity on their subjects."
"This book will change people and their whole way of life. It will change your whole belief system."


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